Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christians and the Zombie Apocalypse

A new believe-ability to the zombie apocalypse.
It seems you don't have to go far to see or hear some reference to it, whether in jest or trepidation, there is some deep seeded belief something terrible is looming.

Zombie movies of old were pure gore fests, full of the undead on the hunt for brains, all having come to life after vicious attacks and weird anomalies.
Today more advanced zombies mutate from bio tech accidents, lab experiments and viral mutations. In some fiction they no longer die and reanimate, more believable??

Preparedness shows and blogs tell us how to live off the grid, a return to pioneer ways of raising your own food, making soap and loading ammunition.
Usually the television show or movie takes place after some horrific attack, takeover by government or some "end to life" as we know it event, leaving humanity plunged into a survival of the fittest. Power struggles ensue between the good and evil
  between the zombies and the sane.

People have become willing to believe the Mayan calendar is right,
  that a nuclear attack is eminent,
    they will believe we will create technology able to overthrow organic life.
They will even entertain a flesh eating mass of barely there humanity invading our homes and our lives.

Ask most people to entertain the idea of humanity overtaken by sinful behavior, unwilling to repent or even admit guilt, overtaken by a God of wrath coming to judge those sins....
      and you will be laughed at.
Tell those same people that they can avoid that wrath on a personal level by believing and surrendering now to Christ who paid the penalty due them for their sins on the cross....
           and you will be mocked.

Tell them the Bible speaks of Armageddon
     of despair
that humanity will be abusive, arrogant, disobedient, ungrateful...
  that humanity will be treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit....
lovers of self and money,
deceiving. (2 Tim 3)
Tell them the land and sea will die;
that men will be scorched by the sun and they will gnaw their tongues in anguish. (Rev 16)
Tell them a holy God will come to judge.

Christians, Tell them!
Do not dismiss them.
The people are willing to believe something terrible lies in wait
Tell them Satan lies in wait like a roaring lion.

The people are willing to believe this world will end
Tell them a new world will be created without pain, sorrow or sin.

The people are willing to believe mankind will turn into wicked, dying, rotting corpses,
Tell them mankind is already there.

The people are willing to believe they can be prepared for attack, that they can withstand and survive against evil.
Tell them they can! by Jesus Christ as their king and his word as their sword.

People are willing to believe in the zombie Apocalypse

Do not waste this witness opportunity.

Spiritual Sundays

blessings and thanks for visiting


craftythriftydecoratingwifemom said...

Great post, Shannon. I've got to say I read it because I subscribe and couldn't fit it in with you. I don't pay attention to the whole zombie thing, had plenty of that when my oldest lived here. But you're right. It is an opportunity you phrased so well.

Bernideen said...

Very well spoken!

glenda... said...

This is really well spoken, Shannon. I agree with you totally.
These are frightening days, and people need hope...thank you for reminding me that I have a mission here on earth....

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Great perspective on the whole zombie/ dooms day preppers / revolution fixation. I agree wholeheartedly.


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