Monday, November 12, 2012

Hand Gun Holders for Gun Safe

Just a little guy talk, a small departure from the usual girl stuff. (Ps then I can pin my guy's stuff to the manly pinboards!)

This Summer my husband came across a gun safe, something he has always wanted but just wasn't in the budget. This one was open at a sale for only $50.....why so cheap? It was open because the man lost the combination. Knowing as long as it was open it could be "cracked" we offered $40 and came home with a pretty nice safe and one big dead spider.

My husband is frugal, he doesn't spend much money and is always looking for the best deal, he wanted something to keep handguns mounted on the wall, since each gun mount we found was over $20 a piece it didn't meet his price range.

Now...Mac's is a local hardware, salvage, nuts and bolts by the pound place where we live. In the bargain barn they had some....peg board wire something or anothers, ( sorry for being so technical, I am a girl keep in mind)
these....were 25 cents each

A few washers and nuts on hand and a couple bucks for some rubber tubing, a little bending and the gun mounts were made. Literally less than $5 for what he needed.

Just a bit of black spray paint to touch up and they are done!

blessings and thanks for visiting

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