Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peace as Seasons End

These photos have sat in draft for a month now, I will soon take down Fall decor, not because Fall is over...but in ND....Fall is over. Even with Thanksgiving coming I feel the need to transition to a less vibrant color. We have no leaves left, winter coats are making their way out of the closet and snow has fallen a couple times already.
Snowmen are on the horizon....
Christmas around the corner
and winter just sets in my frame of mind when the time change comes.
We have had nothing but clouds for a couple weeks now.....starts to wear on a person.
Blogger blues, weather blues, election blues.....
time to refocus.
A sprucing up of the house, a few crafts perhaps.
Lots of the word, Lord knows that is what I need this week and if the election turns out wrong....I will need more than I can comprehend!
I am sure you have seen the "No matter who is president, Jesus is King."
That is what I need to be focusing on.

We are having friends over to either celebrate or lament on Tues eve, (election day).
I will be thankful all the commercials will at least come to an end!

    I stand at that place that verges on seasonal depression....not holidays in so much as just winter blues.
So time to make a list
to God and his son Jesus Christ
for family and health
for friends
for freedom, may God protect it.
For water, food, warm home and clothes.
For sunrises and sunsets, for ever changing seasons and a never changing God.

For peace that can only be truly attained by the understanding that when the clouds are heavy and gray, when the cold is breathing upon you....
when despair lurks behind you...ready to pounce,

your peace comes not from this world
not from you comfort
but from faith in one bigger, better, stronger,
from the one who is King
and always will be.

blessings and thanks for visiting


Tirabaralla said...

Thank you for some wise words, I have the blues too, but not cause of the changing seasons or elections (bein Italian)...still, need all the wise words I can get.
GL with your winter decor!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

funny, I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark..on a day off I am amazed how much the leaves are gone!
I had 11 phine calls on Frid, one from me, 2 hang ups and the rest all political! and the mail is out of control. I just take it straight to the recycle bin.

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful post, Shannon. You said it wonderfully well- xo Diana

Sherry said...

I thought of you today and thought I would come to see what was happening in your world. I see that it is much the same as mine and I thank you for the wise words. One thing that is different is that I just completed my fall decorating. We still have leaves that have yet to fall on our big maples and I have been so busy and behind on things around the house. I will enjoy them until the first week of December.

Sharing Shadymont said...

Shannon, Thanks for the reminder that the Lord is in control of this mess we find ourselves in and that the return to Him is all that can save our country.

Your post is very thought-provoking!

W. Latane Barton said...

My sentiments exactly about the election. I pray for our country. She's not doing well right now.

It isn't as cold where I live as you express. But, it's coming. I can feel it in the air.

mudderbear said...

It's interesting and nice that your sentiments reflect so many of my own. I feel the same way about everything, although in Utah many of us are still wandering in shorts an sweaters. I haven't blogged for a long time either. It seems like nobody has. Hopefully the Holidays...and the election results...will cheer us up. It's nice to talk to you again.


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