Saturday, November 10, 2012

Your Opinion please

You may have seen this piece before, I rescued it curb side last May, I think the time has come to paint it.
These are the colors I am thinking of more or less,
This gray is a little lighter than I would actually use and the yellow is a shade or two darker than the wall.
My idea....for now
Primary color as the yellow with gray in door center and drawers
Pumpkin on knobs and maybe the upper shelf.
Too much??
Better idea??
There is copper in the kitchen that would help balance any pumpkin color, I have a misc painted table and chair set of white, really light green and red.

room shot

so what would you do? I know so many of you do wonderful furniture work, here is the thing, I am not going to go and buy the good stuff, you know that magic milk paint, because it is not in my budget. I am thinking of trying the vaseline technique to help with the old look and would love any tips on that.

I would much appreciate your help I will be starting rush LOL!!

blessings and thanks for visiting


Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Exciting! I use candle wax instead of vaseline. Rub a candle on the edges, corners, where it would naturally take a beating. First step is sugar soap it though, as this will remove some greas and help the paint to adhere. Then to do it on the cheap mix 1 part plaster of paris in hot water til smooth then add 3 parts matt latex wall paint. Tester pots are good for this. This is home made chalk paint. No sanding of your furniture is now necessary! Do your candle wax technique and paint a few coats, it dries pretty quick. You'll need to add more water as you go. When dry, lightly sand in the candle wax areas. Wax wit furniture wax for protection. Easy peasy!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a beautiful piece, Shannon. I like it as is but since you have lived with it for awhile, I understand your wanting a change up. I like the idea of the gray looks a little more sophisticated. I don't have a lot of experience painting furniture, so I hope you get the help you need. Please share when you finish it!


SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Such a lovely piece of furniture. I'd go for grey, just grey. It's simple and sophisticated. Don't want it to be too busy with too many colours, but that's my opinion :) I'm sure it's going to be pretty any way you paint it. Have a lovely weekend! ~Pernilla in Australia :)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Shannon~
You know good with picking color.
I do like the idea of painting this piece, especially since it's a curb-shopped item. If I had to pick...I'd definitely use the vaseline to keep some of the wood from getting painted and before putting your 'final coat' on it...I'd layer on some yellow and red(call it red) ...then I'd let the gray be the show off color with some sanding or vaseline, let the other colors show through. Kind of sublte.

...but, you know what? You're good with this sort of thing, so I know whatever you do with it; will be great!

can't wait to see it.

Ann in the UP said...

First of all, the disclaimer, in that I am not into decorating at all. But that being said, I thought what a nice warm picture with the red kettles on the top. I like your idea of grey with some warm touches on the drawers and pulls.

We have lots of dreary months ahead, and looking at something cheery and warm appeals to me.

isaacsjuarez said...

NOooooo! Do not paint that piece. You have a very "busy" kitchen space (much like my own)... you need the dark in there to give the eye a place to rest... Something to STOP and focus on. My suggestion would be... re-locate that pot rack to another wall space and in it's place frame that doily lying under the dutch oven & hang it up there; or hang a plate shelf & display a nice platter that works w/the red accents. Warm up the floor by adding a nice sized rug... something w/the red... to down play all the white floor area & bring some warmth to the room. Also, I'd move the jars/crate out of the open space and display the dutch oven & other cookware in that space when not using it as a fruit bowl or add a tension rod & curtain (which can be changed w/the seasons)to hide the items stored there. Maybe, think about relocating the milk can w/roses to the bar area or distressing the milk can ... it's "bright, stark white shininess" competes with that overall feel of the rest of the room which seems to be that you are going for an "eclectic French country" look/feel. So, with all that said... if you still feel a need to paint the piece... I'd start off with a simple whitewash (to match those square accent frames on your upper cabinets) first before committing to the full paint job. Just remember... you don't want all of those colors fighting for "eye time." Btw, love the color you have on that small wall... have you thought about carrying that color around to the double-oven wall. I think that would do a lot to warm up the space as well as unify the space. Okay, now, I'm sure this is more than you asked I was just popping in looking at one of your sewing projects when I saw this... so, I'm off now to wander about the rest of your blog & nose around a bit more.

Cowgirl Crafter said...

It looks like a beautiful piece of Tiger Oak from the picture and I think you should leave it in it's natural state. it's gorgeous as is!!
Cowgirl Crafter

Scrap4Therapy said...

Okay,for what it is worth I say overall the gray with a creamy white accent for handles and trim around cabinet door. I might use the pumpkin or a color like the one on the wall on the inside of the cabinet that does not have the door. It's a lovely piece!


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