Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Countertop Paint Before and After- Review

 Update on Bottom

 We have just finished painting our countertops with Rust-oleum countertop paint. I have mixed reviews of this product and will try to be as honest as possible. The cost of the paint is $20.00 for the 29 oz can. We used two, the instructions say one can will cover 25 linear feet.

 We had laminate counter about 11 or 12 years old, with a few nicks and chips but over all good condition, I had just grown tired of the hunter green.



 We have  a long counter with a flat top stove and then a large breakfast bar that wraps around, two cans did cover this amount, exactly.

 The product says no primer is needed and you only need to sand if you have a glossy finish. We washed well and wiped down with alcohol, let dry completely and taped off edges and sink etc.

 This product goes on very thin so you will need a minimum 3 coats.
 Some photos are a little dark but I left them unedited so you could see exactly what I see. Please click directly on photos to enlarge if you need to.

 This is the look of the finished surface....when all goes well.

 That being said...when all does not go well you may and or will encounter these problems.
 Negative Side
This paint stinks! I don't mean a little it smells absolutely toxic. We unfortunately did not know this and it is January in North Dakota which meant we could not ventilate well enough. Do this in the Spring or Summer if your anywhere North of the Mason Dixon line!! We did run the vent fan, a regular fan and burn kidding the candle flames burned 3 inches high...which meant we were probably high too. It STINKS! I highly recommend you do not use this product if you have small children in the house.

 Next problem....if you mess up this paint is absolutely unforgivable. You can not touch up without it being noticeable. Normally when you go back to touch up paint it will blend with the surrounding area, not so with this paint, it doesn't like you to mess with it when it is wet and if it is dry you will see the touch up area. Now...we had a major problem, the first roller we tried was a smaller, fine foam roller recommended for use, we even asked the paint desk for help picking it out. It did work but dragged leaving a "drag" look, which after the layers went away and was fine...but HUMAN error enter...we switched to a larger foam roller. My husband was quite fed up with the smell the dry time and the drag so this roller did not function as well and in fact for some unknown reason did not like one area of the counter and began to bubble the paint. Small air bubbles formed and we couldn't roll them out because the paint is thin in appearance but thick and sticky, just plain difficult to work with. It would not fix. We left it and continued the process hoping it would "pop" on its own or cover somehow.

 No! after 12 hours of dry time we tried to blend in some with a brush, which only left more marks. This is what the area looks like and in the right light is shows up like a blinking banner saying "look at this crappy paint job!"

 ugh!!!!! need I tell you how irritating this is?

 When the light changes the visibility of the spot goes away but the different texture does not.

 When all goes well it is an acceptable product. It has a 3 day dry time till it cures and I recommend more because when I placed something on it 4 hours short of that dry time...I got a couple divots. yep!

 Now I love the color, this is Canvas . The product comes in two options and one is for light tints and one is for dark, there is a large variety of color to choose from.
I cannot recommend nor not recommend this product. I can only give you a summary of what Not to do and what I would recommend you should do.
1. It smells so bad and I believe should have a much heftier warning on the label. Leave the house for a while if you can and only do when you can ventilate well!
2. Use a small find foam roller and be patient, I recommend 4 thin coats which means this will take longer but do NOT rush it and do NOT go too thick!
3. Go ahead and give your surface a light sanding and clean it well, even though not recommended I think it would improve your results.
4. Resist the urge to touch up,work in large areas and keep any needed touch ups very discreet.
5.Increase your dry time to 4 days.
6. When removing tape, run a razor along edge and remove slowly, only use tape made for painting.
7.If you are a perfectionist....stay away from this product.

 So what are we going to do about this bad spot....We have decided when we are up for another intoxicating day we will sand it minimally, and place anther thin coat over the top of the entire bottom section. Not excited about that but what else can we do. Until that time, I will look at it only in good lighting and I will drown my frustrations in chocolate cake!

After a couple weeks small nicks and chips began to show all over the counter. I contacted the company and they told me this does not usually happen. I sent them this blog post, they offered to reimburse me for any touch up or redo paint I would buy.
If the only problem area was this trouble spot we had I would maybe  be more forgiving but this is chipping everywhere, I use cutting boards and have been very cautious. I even got a 3D ring from a cup of coffee, it was evidently too hot ....a cup of coffee, are you serious!
I now can in NO WAY recommend this product. There are other products available that people seem to be using that are working so do more research. I recommend something in a multi step kit with some prep work.

The Final Solution-
Here is what we ended up doing for now See HERE

blessings and thanks for visiting


mzzterry said...

I appreciate your honesty. I have considered using this product, but I will have to make sure we have a chocolate cake baked before we try it! ;)

West Side of Straight said...

Thanks for your review! I've wanted to try some of this too, but hubby not in favor, and think I'll just live with what I've got for the time being. Good luck in fixing your bad spot. After getting the biggest pumps out, ending with the finest sand paper you can find hopefully will work.
Let us know when you do it. Have a great day, jo

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

"if you're a perfectionist...stay away from this product"...Ha!
That gave me quite the chuckle.

Well, I must say, I like the color you chose. I liked this review--it seemed honest enough. You took blame for the mess up...doing over, bubbles (not sure those are your fault..sanding would've been helpful there,I bet.)

As for your spot-- throw a doily over it.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

the change looks wonderful! I can just see one of my cats jumping up there, I would have paw prints instead of just some texture differences!

Brenda@ **Dragonflys and Stars** said...

Thanks for the review... I want to get rid of my blue laminate until I can afford to replace my countertops. In researching and reading reviews, I chose to use Giani granite kit instead of this Rustoleum product. Will probably do it this weekend and see how it goes... But wanted to let you know that I did see that the company sent replacement kits to several individuals that had the same type problems you had, so might be worth contacting the company about your problems...

Full Circle Creations said...

Thanks for the review and your honesty. I've seen this and debated about. I love the color of this. Can't wait to see how it turns out when you "fix" it.


nannykim said...

Sounds frustrating!! The smell reminds me of last year when we were living at the cottage. We had one of the old tubs resurfaced. The guy that did it has been doing it for 30 years , but he decided to try a new product for the first time, on us! Man , talk about stink!! We left that bathroom closed with the window open (and it was cold!!)We also shut off that whole side of the house. It makes you feel sick to be around that kind of smell--I don't know how you guys did it!

Ashley said...

Giani Granite is much easier to apply. I really hope this does not hurt the opinions of countertop paint- it can be great and beautiful I promise :) Here is a link that may help- Giani has no odor and looks like granite :)You can still apply this over your Rustoleum.

Melissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just did a very small counter top in my bathroom... I really wish I had found this before I started but I'm grateful it was a small area. I am having the bubble problem, the SMELL problem and its winter still here in Eastern Orgon.. not to mentin almost midnight. I have been remodeling my bathroom all day and when I get into it I want to finish it...Now all my windows and doors are open I'm too scared to light a candle hahah. I was going to do my kitchen but after this it's NOT happening!!! Thank you for sharing


Debbiedoo's said...

Giani was a wonderful product to use..and it has been over three months and not one chip or problem at all. I am sorry this happened to you Shannon.

Rhonda said...

This product was horrible!!! We had all the same Problems even with lightly sanding our counter tops. After leaving the house for 4 days to air out due to toxic smell and to let totally cure, we come home and start to put our stuff back on the counters and they are scratched to hell with in about 5 hours and have chips all over them from setting a toaster on the counter or leaning on them to grab a glass, or plate... Really????? Worst product out there!!

Rhonda said...

This product was horrible!!! We had all the same Problems even with lightly sanding our counter tops. After leaving the house for 4 days to air out due to toxic smell and to let totally cure, we come home and start to put our stuff back on the counters and they are scratched to hell with in about 5 hours and have chips all over them from setting a toaster on the counter or leaning on them to grab a glass, or plate... Really????? Worst product out there!!

Josh Davis said...

Can you put some kind of clear acrylic on it to make it stronger

shannon i olson said...

Josh, I imagine you could do a sealer. We could not because the finish was so poor, uneven and bubbled. If you got a good finish you could try it. I have since repainted with a chalk paint and will be sealing that, I will post more on it at a later time. I have to say even with sealing I just cannot recommend Rustoleum countertop paint for all of the stated reasons on the blog. Good luck and if you ever use it or post about it please let me know.

Steven Smith said...

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Pamela Thompson Smith said...

We used the black coating on our countertops. One week in, we are experiencing some of the same problems you describe. However, we have resorted to sanding with wet/dry sandpaper and 0000 steel wool. We will paint on one more coat tonight and sand again. Once that is finished, we will buff with a buffing compound and perhaps coat with polyurethane, assuming it does not cause the coating to bubble. It is our hope that the finished product will look like soapstone and not show the ridges created by the foam roller. I'll report back here later on how we do when we are finished. But, I have to say this project is not for the inexperienced or the faint of heart. This will end up taking at least 2 weeks before all is said and done and is far more work than we ever imagined. Hopefully our hard work will pay off with great results! More later......

Pamela Thompson Smith said...

Well, we have been using the countertop for a couple of weeks now. It took us 23 days to get it done and looking decent. As we are trying to get our home ready to go on the market, we were very sensitive to how the countertop appears. We sanded and steel wooled the countertop several times. Then, I applied 3 coats of "Varathane Heavy Use" polyurethane. Be sure to use the oil based polyurethane, as the countertop coating is also oil based. Using a water base product will not bond with the countertop coating. In any case, we are done and the it looks better than the old formica. We tried to achieve a look of soapstone, which I'm not sure we achieved, but everyone who has seen it says it looks great. Let's hope potential buyers feel the same way. If you attempt this, don't expect to be back in your kitchen in 3 days. It could take over 3 weeks, as it did for us. We almost gave us and ordered butcher block countertops, but that would have cost several hundred dollars. We did not want invest a great deal of money, since we were not replacing the cabinets and the flooring. Good luck to anyoe who attempts this project.

Denise Couillard said...

I have also redone my kitchen counter tops with the Rust-oleum Counter top Paint, also unsatisfied with the results. The smell is horrible and touch up is impossible. Definitely would not recommend you use this product. I also have chips in the counter top after minimal use. Not happy with the results at all.


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