Curbside Decor

 Over the years...
Our community has one week a year called clean up week, I am going to share some of the amazing finds I have collected curb side, with a couple exceptions all of this came during one of those weeks.
This table was a yucky pale yellow with a broken drawer, easy fix- remove the drawer for a shelf, paint it white and a great nightstand is born

Now this piece! Found only last year, again a broken door...but hey, who needs two doors. I did like the original dark finish but it just didn't go with my decor so I did paint it. Using candle wax to make scuffing easy, it now has a true old farmstead feel.

One of my most pinned items from my home is this partial cupboard door and rake, both found curbside.

This piece was not during clean up week but was set out by an apartment trash can...waiting for me.

A little hard to see is the old barrel on the bottom holding rolling pins, found years ago when I was still slightly embarrassed to stop and pick up trash. NOT no more! 

Fantastic old windows refurbished into message centers....this one I have to say...smelled pretty bad. Now it either quit stinking or I got used to it.  *bows head in shame this mirror was trash in a storage shed my neighbor bought, he was going to throw it out and I rescued it- so kind of curb goes nicely with ......

this dresser which was a curbside find during a clean up week a few years back!

Both this door and the larger suitcase...yep were sitting pretty by the trash!

And this too!!

Not found during clean up week but a couple weeks previous again partially tucked into an apartment can, with just enough sticking out to catch my husband's eye. Score one for my man!!!

 I have also over the years scored a perfectly working ceiling fan that is in our bedroom, lots of planters and flower pots. tons of tomato cages, chicken wire etc. and probably other things I can't remember. 

Here is a previous post I wrote about the clean up week people in our town!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Characters of Clean Up Week

I sit peering out my window,
waiting... watching.
Soon, the parade of characters will come. Clean up week has begun. I am the curb watcher.

First to stop by, the fixer; He is searching for parts or things that need parts. He has more parts at home than he knows what to do with. You may find a rescued lawnmower or sprinkler at his next garage sale.

Then the Junker stops by on her search for hidden treasure. She can make a planter out of a toilet or a bulletin board from a coil mattress.
Now, the scrappers, they can come alone but usually travel in packs. Organized and highly skilled, distinguishing iron from aluminum they can strip a grill in under twenty seconds.

My favorite, the shy ones, they are fun to watch.
Hesitantly circling the block, they spot their prey.
Quickly, they try to shove a chest of drawers in back of the mini cooper. Embarrassment gives way to giggles and the dresser instead is perched on the hood like a prized buck on opening day.

Last is Mr. Practical, he is selective and need based. He won’t pick it up if he doesn’t need it. Usually sticks to his list. He scans the curb until he finds the perfect fertilizer spreader. His wife is with him, she would like him to grab the nice flower pot, but he won’t. It isn’t on his list.

Tomorrow, I the curb watcher will become the Junker, I love clean up week.

Additional curbside since last update!

All of the separate pieces, the door, legs and trim were found curbside.
We just added some hardware, and a wood top!

This poor baby really needed a new paint job!!!

After repainting...yes these were in the trash!
yes, we slammed on the brakes!


Anonymous said...

That really is gorgeous and I'm very impressed that you did it. I see things and just never get around to completing them. Barbara

Cindy said...

That turned out awesome. Great job!

Prior said...

ohmygoodness! What an awesome transformation. I like the white and you are very good with projects! Lezlee

Allison Shops said...

I'm glad you saved the dresser!

Be sure to stop by AtticMag this week for a Giveaway!

Martha said...

What a find! It looks so pretty painted white!

And how clever that you made candlesticks into hat stands!

Shelia said...

You did a fantastic job on that dresser!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Wow! Is all I can say. Trish

Michella said...

Love it!!! I will be back to visit your blog very soon :))
~ Michella ~
~ ~ xoxo ~ ~

Ann in the UP said...

The candlestick hat stands are very ingeneous indeed, but the dresser!!! Great job. It looks beautiful.

Lynne Hackett said...

Shannon. I just found you via Facebook/Vicki Strickland. Your toilet paper roll!!!!! Where is it on your site? The one with the door knobs....


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