Christmas Photos

Well if it isn't Christmas now....... it will be again. I am glad spring is around the corner, I would rather look at garden photos, but from time to time it is nice to reflect back on the holidays. Glitter with cozy.
Fill a faux birdcage with ribbon and ornaments.
Decorate the flower boxes.
Use Glass Jars and Baskets, especially the ones you store all year because you can't bear to part with them, Christmas with no extra storage needs!
Transform the every day.

Things like plastic flowers, beads, round ornaments....all can be found at the Dollar Store and take up almost no room for storage.
Think Outside the box.

My step mom Rachel, took apart an old string of lights, made wire hangers for them, added a couple glass ornaments and hung them on the Battenburg lace of the curtain. I love it!
My dad made a fireplace mantel made from an old door and some molding.
Have a Little Fun RAWR!

Throw a party and be silly!
Have the little ones do a craft. Make a base out of white poster board a little lager than your plastic cup, decorate with cotton balls and paper...miniature ornaments, clay sculptures, you name it. then seal with a hot glue gun. Affix a button with a string tied through at the top.
Use nature, if you can, this was in Mississippi, in North Dakota most of nature is dead at Christmas. Alas! Fresh picked Camellias  and Rachel filled a glass round vase with greenery, berries and a candle, filled to the top with water.

 Christmas in Mississippi

the return to North Dakota

                                Send Sun!!

1 comment:

keepingthechristmasspiritalive365 said...

Your Christmas pictures are wonderful. I would so love to have a white Christmas but since it is Summer in Australia at Christmas time I think the chances are very slim!

Blessings and best wishes,


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