I do love to scrapbook, however I don't seem to have time or make time lately, but here are a few of my favorite pages and techniques.

                  Note: click on any photo to enlarge!  

I used the scanner to scan, then shrink photos, to have a uniform appearance for the family tree. This is great if you only have a photo of someone that is in a group shot, you can simply crop around them. Each person is on a charm, that you would use for a charm bracelet or other craft, I found then for 10 cents a piece at a local craft store.
This is a grandmother, I never knew, yet those who knew her wrote poems about her, copied and printed onto scrapbook paper. She loved her flowers, on that I take after her.
My dad did a great job of saving photos, he happened to have one from every year of school. Again, photocopied and placed inside a homemade accordion mini photo album, tied with ribbon.
Cris cross cut paper strips, attach buttons and tuck in photos. The look of a photo board right off your wall.
I am so thankful Uncle Obert, did a great job of preserving history on my mothers side. These are photocopied from a book, along with a story of the house the Bernt built.
Another great grandma, I knew her, but until I compiled this book and did some reading, I never knew my grandma Mary was born Hannah Marie, no one EVER called her that! imagine.
My grandmother, who was really more like a mother to me, wrote postcards to me every time she and grandpa would go on a trip, what a blessing to still have a couple,  and a newspaper clipping of my grandpa.
My grandpa was a twin, I remember going to her funeral when I was young. Here they are, Leo and Leona, their first day of first grade. How precious!!
There just happened to be two sets of twins back to back in grandpas family. Aunt Cecile died in childbirth.
Believe it or mom's high school autograph book! Her letter and I made a paper megaphone.
"When you get married and you have twins, don't come to me for diapers and pins." gotta love that one.
How much fun to see your aunts and uncles as children. I love the simplicity of this time gone by.
My favorite photo of my mom, Look a milk can that isn't a plant stand.
This technique is the large photo covered with vellum and a smaller photo below, one of my parents engagement on top with their announcement included.
My dad today and his lovely wife Rachel, my best friend. I used brass stencils to emboss flowers, then cut them out and layered on flowered paper.

                              Tea Time
                                                    These are from a summer tea.

Here again, the vellum overlay, also a copy of the menu included.
Photos of lovely ladies in dresses and hats!
Close ups! (sorry about the flash)
We played games and I put a shrunken copy of each game on the page. Note- the top of the page has been hand cut with an exacto knife to remove the diamond print of the page, giving a lattice look.
We all brought a basket of our favorite things, drew names and exchanged them, telling everyone what was in the basket and why.
A thank you page, some of the wonderful thank you's from guests, and the hilarious napkin we used. click on image to enlarge.

                                 Fun stuff

Using an exacto knife and cutting out the lattice squares give a little dimension.
I love fall, and what fun when you find cut outs and stickers to match!
If you can't find stickers to match, make your own! The boat in the front is just cut and layered paper with a couple stickers, made to match the real boat in the background.

When you have several photos, use some of these ideas.
a panoramic slice.....cut two or three photos into 1/2 to 1 in strips and make an interesting view!
Give texture where texture is due. I had many photos of these alligators, so I used the slice technique and then cut out close ups into 1 inch squares for a border, with a little mossy paper, it helps get the feel of things.


Again, with a lot of similar photos, perhaps a mosaic. Place your photo over and draw a 1 inch grid, before you cut...number them, in reverse, now place them back with a small amount of paper showing through, very eye catching.


Brenda said...

Love your scrapbook pages. Thanks for sharing, gives me some great ideas for a photobook I am working on for my mother's 80th in Dec 2011. I just hope I get it finished in time. I know I have a year but time flies by so quickly.

Brenda said...

Your scrapbook pages are beautiful. My favorite is the family tree. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing


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